Grooming Gloves-Best Quality for dogs, cats and horses too!

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Pull on a pair of dog grooming gloves and get ready to watch the fur fly. The comfortable, flexible design gently but thoroughly de-furs your pet without any brush-related anxiety—or brush, period. The nubs and ridges lining the palms and fingers help free shedding hair with each stroke. It works for other animals, too, like cats, bunnies, and horses. Your pet feels like it’s getting a mini massage, so it might not even notice you’re grooming it—but that shiny, thinned out coat will tell another story.
  • Materials: Shell: 100% nylon; Coating: 100% surgical grade nitrile; Nodules: 100% PVC
  • Care: Hand wash, air dry
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic manufacture
  • Made with oil- and chemical-resistant coating
  • Features non-slip flexible grip and velcro top closure
  • Catches animal hair for easy brushing and de-shedding
  • Unique grooved design simultaneously massages animal
  • Can be used for wet or dry grooming/bathing
  • Protects hands and fingernails
  • Great for dogs, cats, and horses

Some comments from customers 


We have a Golden Retriever, and thus LOTS of hair all the time. We have tried regular brushes, special brushes, even things that attach to a vacuum, and the Hands On gloves are by far the best for getting the extra hair out of his coat, plus he loves being groomed with them. No fighting like with other tools, these are just us petting and rubbing him. I wish I had found these years ago!




My Anatolian shepherd weighs 140 pounds and sheds all year like crazy. He also likes to be petted, but often gets into poison oak, so I need protection when I touch him. These gloves do the trick! They remove lots of hair that would otherwise decorate my house, Raki loves the massage, and I don't get poison oak. A triple win--plus the hair is easily removed all in one fell swoop from the gloves, and all you need to do at the end of the brushing session is rinse them off. Best product since toasters!



We have 4 dogs: 13 lb 15.5 year old Border Terrier with severe arthritis, 21 lb 5 year old broken coat Jack Russel, 65 lb 10 years old Dobie/Rott mix with Diabetes, 75 lb 7 year old Rottweiler. None of them are particularly fond of being brushed for various reasons, but they ALL love the glove. They line up for 2nd and 3rd turns. Received the gloves on Saturday, used them, vacuumed the hair from the floor and on Monday, there is still no hair in the spots where it usually accumulates only hours after being vacuumed. We are a HAPPY household. BTW - the gloves are a very comfortable fit.




We have a Great Pyrenees/ Lab mix - tons and tons of hair. And he's not a big fan of the brushes. But these he loves. I don't have to chase him all over the yard to get him brushed. And the amount of hair it pulls out is ridiculous! We use them every day!